Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve Forest

The forest areas in Erode District are under the control of the Chief Conservator of Forests & Field Director, Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve, Erode. Out of total area of 2,27,675.20 ha., the Erode Forest Division consists of 82144.32 ha., Sathyamangalam Division consists of 88131.56 ha. and Hassanur Division consists of 57399.36 ha.   Both Sathyamangalam and Hassanur divisions fall under the Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve regime.   The forest areas excluded from the Tiger Reserve are under the control of the District Forest Officer, Erode Forest Division.

Tiger Reserve is surrounded by Erode Forest Division on the Eastern side, Nilgiris North Division on South west side, M M Hills wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka on the North west side, Nilgiri and Coimbatore divisions on the South side and Biligiri Rangasamy Tiger Reserve on the Northern side.

Erode Forest Division is surrounded by Kollegal Forest Division of Karnataka State on the Northern side, Salem, Namakkal Districts on Eastern side, Sathyamangalam Division on Western side and Tiruppur District on southern side.

This forest tract comprise of major fauna like Elephant, Tiger, Leopard, Wild Dog, Wild Boar, Indian Gaur, Deer and other rare species of wildlife.

The prominent forest types of Erode District are Tropical dry thorn forest, Tropical dry mixed deciduous forest, Tropical semi evergreen, Sub-tropical hill forests, Riparian forest and phoenix savannah forests.

Tribal settlements within Forests

There are 15 Forest Tribal Settlements in the district out of which 6 are in Erode Division, 6 settlements are in Sathyamangalam Division and balance 3 settlements in Hassanur Division.

Sandalwood Depot

One sandalwood Depot is functioning under the control of Sathyamangalam Division in Erode District.  The depot was first launched by the Government of Tamil Nadu.  Naturally fallen Sandalwood trees, Trees given by the public and seized from the offenders are auctioned and sold at the depot.

Vellode Birds Sanctuary

Vellode Birds Sanctuary is a most popular tourist place in the Erode District.  It is situated in Vadamugam Vellode Village, Perundurai Taluk, Erode District of Tamil Nadu. It is located about 12 kms. from Erode on the Erode-Chennimalai Main Road. Its area is 77.185 ha. Sanctuary was declared under Section 26(1) of Wildlife Protection Act 1972 (Central Act 53 of 1972) in Government Order (Ms.) No.44, Environment and Forests (FR-V) Department, dated 29.2.2000.

Rare and different types of birds migrate from various countries like Australia, Sri lanka, Nigeria, Himalayas etc., to visit the sanctuary during monsoon season. Huge number of tourists is visiting the sanctuary.

The Lake in sanctuary is an important water source for the surrounding farm lands.

Vannapoorani Nature Education Programme

Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve is providing Eco tourism conservation education to the public through Vannapoorani Nature Education programme in 6 places in Sathyamangalam.  Vehicle safari is provided to the public to visit the forests in Sathyamangalam Division during weekends. Further details are provided in the website.