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Erode District was a part of Coimbatore has its history intervened with that of Coimbatore and because of its close linkage with the erstwhile Coimbatore district. It is very difficult to separately deal with the history of Erode region.   Together with the area comprised in the Coimbatore district, it formed part of the ancient Kongu region. It is found that in the early days, this area was occupied by tribes, most prominent among them being the “Kosars” reportedly having theirheadquarters at ‘Kosamputhur’ which is believed to have in due course become Coimbatore.  These tribes were overpowered by the Rashtrakutas from whom the region fell into the hands of the Cholas who ruled supreme during the time of Raja Chola. On the decline of Cholas, the Kongu region came to be occupied by the Chalukyas and later by the Pandyas and Hoysalas. Read More

District Collector Erode
Thiru H Krishnanunni I.A.S
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